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Internet service Provider in Lagos

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As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, we are focused on the development and management of IT solutions. 
By partnering with our clients, we’ve successfully developed various bespoke solutions to meet their needs thereby adding value to our client’s growth.

Internet service Provider in Lagos

Muyiwa Razaq Ogungboye


Our strategic partnership with leading global and African carriers has aided us in providing excellent service with constant uptime, robust Quality of Service, and large-scale connectivity solutions across Nigeria.

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As your trusted and dedicated internet service provider in Nigeria, we provide you the features you need to propel your enterprise forward.

Enterprise internet service provider in Lagos Nigeria

Enterprise Internet

Dedicated Internet
Our enterprise internet provides uncapped data access premium services for high-end corporate businesses.
Global IP Transit
Our GIT is designed to connect Nigeria with the outside world on an Autonomous System Number (ASN). This service is meant for organizations that requires very high critical business applications with maximum performance.

Cloud Solutions

Our cost-effective solution is designed for SMEs to connect faster to customers and accelerate their digital growth
Our cost-effective solution is designed for SMEs to connect faster to customers and accelerate their digital growth.
Hosting Services
Private Access to Public Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and other available IaaS Providers.


National VPN
Increase your company productivity by connecting your multiple branches in a remote location.
Metro VPN
We provide reliable IP/MPLS connectivity at any capacity between office.
International VPN
Operate a secure point to point connectivity for mission-critical applications across global offices.

Professional Services

System Integration
With our skilled network engineers, we provide cost effective systems integration solution that add value to your business.
Evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure and validate the effectiveness mechanism and end user’s adherence.
Security Gateway (eGate)
Our e.Gate Solution provides a NGFW platform that allows internet clients to enjoy a firewall/UTME device within their network.
Internet service Provider in Lagos


Adaptive Private Networking
Our APN are deployed Nationwide on our MPLS platform using dual SIM cards thereby creating a private virtual network per client
Enjoy the flexibility of accessing the internet via Multiple Network Operators (MNO) and all LTE providers on the same device.
Our eRCloud uses vSim to guarantee connectivity at all times for enterprise on the strongest GSM network available.


With experience in developing MPLS ICI, we offer valued added service to businesses which includes WAN optimization, cloud firewall service.
eCloud Connect
Our service extends MPLS connectivity to major cloud providers to support cloud computing paradigm. Businesses can enjoy the liberty to spin virtual private layer 2 and layer 3 global connections with no in-depth technical knowledge.

Our point of presence (PoP) spans over 50 locations across Nigeria

with 32 outside Lagos and, more than 18 in Lagos with each Pop further interconnected on our MPLS platform.

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