1. Microwave Radio

eStream has built redundant and gigabyte core microwave backbone rings in selected cities. All nodes and POPs are fully connected primarily via Fibre Optic Cables backed up with microwave radios. All our infrastructure are MPLS enabled. From our core network, we can provide:
Point-to-Point Licensed PtP Radios that can deliver speeds up to STM1s.
Point-to-Multi-Point PtmP links for lower capacities of up to 45MBps

2. Fiber

eStream with strategic partners in selected cities has jointly invested in Fiber optics infrastructure; which enables us to deliver fibre-FTTx to communities, multi dwelling units, and estates. Our deployed FTTx is our key to drive the next generation access (NGA), allowing us to deliver treble play services at an incredible speed and excellent quality of service.

3. Satellite

We deliver our solutions using the following satellite technologies.
Ku-band We have 2 iDirect Hub located in Lagos Nigeria, with a satellite footprint over the West African SUb-region. eStream has the capability and resources to deliver services across the region.
 Ka-Band With the best-in-class Satellite, we are able to deliver speeds of up to 50Mbps on an antennae size of 75cm to 1m. With our dual redundant gateways located in Lagos, we provide an excellent availability performance and additional resilience to weather-induced signal attenuation. 

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