Get Access to Mobile Data across all the major Networks  

Cellular technologies are built with the intention of offering a SIM technology that is accessible universally. Our eMCloud is the use of Virtual SIM(vSIM) technology in accessing internet; for any type of customers including individuals.

It gives the flexibility of our customers accessing internet via Multiple Network Operators(MNO) and all LTE providers on the same devices.

The new technology addresses the inconveniences of swapping multiple SIM cards and devices when a customer wishes to use different Mobile Network Operators.

Our flagship device is a mifi type (pocket-size with inbuilt battery) that offers a unique advantage to our customers. i.e. A constant and consistent availability of data all the time and anywhere in the world.


Increased Convenience

Choosing between multiple service providers is the main benefit of the vSIM technology. Customers gain access to all available networks and the device chooses the optimum network for data service.

Global Roaming

Eradicate the experience of having to get a local SIM card when traveling in foreign countries. The solution works worldwide and also reduces roaming charges associated with international travel.

Support Multiple Network Technology

This product supports all LTE and GSM networks worldwide.

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