A High-Performance Environment for Your Critical IT Infrastructure 

Colocation provides a high-performance environment for your critical IT infrastructure. Customers can benefit from a 100% uptime SLA and focus on core business rather than managing a data center.

Additionally, our colocation provides dedicated, private connection options to hundreds of network, cloud, and IT service providers to help streamline your architecture.

This service provides a place to house the production and back-up server, the power to run it, the appropriate cooling and environmental conditions, and the network access. What more, eStream collocation service allows for rapid deployment of applications and services.

Data Center Colocation Services


eStream's operation team ensures that your data is always up and running when you and your customers need it.

Security & compliance

We provide comprehensive measures with 24x7 in-house security officers, IP-DVR cameras, biometrics, and keycard scanners.

Interconnectivity Options

We are connected to all Fibre, Microwave, and Submarine cable operators in Nigeria.

By outsourcing, you can save anything from 20% - 70% on your annual IT spend.

Colocate at eStream Networks Today

Reduces clients operating cost as we provide Power, Cooling, Storage, Security and High speed internet bandwidth. Speak with our team today.

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