eStream Networks Colocation Solutions for enterprise

Colocation service provider in Nigeria

When it comes to data, one of the most important decisions your company would make is who to choose as your colocation partner. At eStream Networks we know this question can be daunting, so we’ve outlined the key factors to make you choose the right partner.

Why collocate in eStream data center? We provide infrastructure within our data center environment that provides our clients with:


  1. The widest choice of connectivity over all our technological solution platforms such as fiber optic Cable, Microwave, Satellite and APN.
  2. Guaranteed Security: Well-equipped SOC automated tools and professionals, Full power redundancy, UPS, HVAC, Bio-metric access, fire suppression & on-site security.
  3. Reduced Costs– reduced power (public utility, primary and secondary generators and battery banks) and network costs (redundant submarine cables) Building a high-end server environment is expensive and challenging. Collocating with eStream allows you to reap the benefits of such a facility without investing in all the equipment. Additionally, our services allow customers to organize their finances with a predictable hosting bill. Reduced costs and consistent expenses contribute to stabilizing businesses and frees capital for other IT investments.
  4. Expert Support- collocating with eStream ensures full-time expert support. We specialize in the day-to-day operation of the facility, relieving your IT department from these duties. With power, cooling, security, and network hardware handled, your business can focus on hardware and software maintenance.
  5. Scalability and Room to Grow– collocating with eStream also has the advantage of providing flexible resources that clients can scale according to their needs without having to make recurring capital investments thus allowing customers to expand to support their market growth and develop into a successful, profitable business
  6. Availability 24/7/365- Customers turn to eStream because it assures their data is always available to them and their users. Delivery of consistent up-time results from emergency services and infrastructure redundancy that contribute to better up-time. The contract assures that if things are not working as required, customers are protected. Although the servers may be physically inaccessible, clients have full control over them. Remote customers’ access and work on their hardware via management software or with the assistance of remote hands.
  7. Clearly defined service level agreements (SLAs) – We have a clear SLA. Our SLA identifies which audits, processes, reporting, and resolution response times and definitions are included with the service. Our SLAs are flexible and are open to negotiating specific terms and conditions.

So, What’s the next step?

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