What To Look For When Choosing An ISP In Nigeria

ISP In Nigeria

Choosing the wrong Internet Service Provider whether for your business or personal use can be very bad as it can leave you stranded with no one to run to.
To make sure you choose the right provider to meet your needs, we’ve made a quick checklist of the factors to look out for when selecting an ISP in Nigeria.

1) Speed
The speed of an internet connection provided by any internet service provider is often the general method of rating ISPs by many internet users in Nigeria. Some ISPs offer faster browsing speeds than others and this is a very important area to take a look at before settling with any ISP of your choice.
2) Availability
The availability of the network of an internet service provider in a particular area is also a very important factor to look out for when choosing an ISP.
An ISP like eStream Networks has better coverage than the newer ISPs that focus mostly on providing mobile broadband services in selected parts of Nigeria so when going for any ISP, the availability of the network of the selected ISP in your location is a major factor to consider.
3) Cost
The cost of the interne[ service provided is also a very important factor to look out for when choosing an internet service provider in Nigeria. What are the prices of their internet data plans, sim cards, and router/MiFis in some cases? Do these prices fit your budget?

4) Reliability
Reliability is one of the biggest factors to consider when choosing an internet service provider in Nigeria. An internet connection you can’t rely on for your daily activities is not worth having. eStream Network has demonstrated years of reliability.

5) Customer Service
Customer service is also an important factor you should consider when going for an ISP. How helpful are customer care agents of the ISP in question? Do they offer solutions to your problems in real-time? These are questions you should have answers to before picking any ISP.

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