The Role of Technology in Business
.03 May

The Role of Technology in Business

As technology is growing at a very fast rate, businesses has begun to adapt to its uses making it one of the most important haves for business.

Technology affects almost every aspect of our lives. Take a look around you and you’ll see how technology have revolutionized our ecosystem. Credits to the Internet, virtually anything you desire can be delivered to your door in a matter of seconds, minutes, hours or days. Undeniably there has been a paradigm shift towards a universal recognition of how vital the incorporation of technology is key to a businesses’ survival.
With the era of “Big Data” and “Internet of Things” springing all over, it is important we analyze the Indispensable impact of technology on business.
The absence of the technology in communication will cause a lot of delays in business community. There are now basic business communication tools made available via the intervention of technology through various means such as the  our Broadband Services. Business communication tools such as emails, video conferencing, VOIP telephony, etc has made business to progress at a very good pace.
Technology has impacted the field of marketing techniques of every business significantly. In marketing, the impacts of technology are broad. Business communities around the world are tasked with managing more marketing options than ever before. Technology has also impacted the ability to collect and organize marketing data and analysis which are regarded as Marketing Assets and can be used for multiple purposes. This collection of data and analytics are made available in different formats and gotten through various channels such as Search engines, Social Media, Blogs, etc.
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing allows business organizations large, medium and small to migrate some of their operation to third-party servers which are accessible via Internet connection. One of the most important feature of cloud computing is it has allowed small business access to resources that would have been cost prohibitive for them in the past.
Social Impact
The world is getting smaller as Technology is beginning to link and join people from different locations together virtually via online social communities. An online Social Network such as Facebook has been able to factor Business promotion and marketing as part of their cores while considering the original purpose of linking people together easily.
Mobile Solution
Smart Phones/Gadget is “The Next Big Thing.” With so much hype about how it might be the only thing you need to do virtually anything, Technology and Internet Duo such as Google has revamped its algorithm to prioritize mobile view and speed as one of its major factor in search engine preference. Businesses can now enjoy this benefit too because major Business software companies are also factoring Mobile as part of their major markets so as to ease the affairs of Business needs.
“Technology is a Strong Wave… You either move with it or it wipes you out”. Technology has come to change the way things are done generally in different aspect of our lives. Any resistance to this change that comes with it, makes the entity irrelevant or simply too hard to handle thereby leading to its face out in no time. The impact of technology on business is so massive and can’t be limited to the above alone. They are still many that hasn’t been captured because of the precise and discreet nature of this article. This is the major reason why various Businesses can’t afford to be resistant in any way to this trend.

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