e.Stream security gateway & bandwidth control solution simply tagged e.Gate is a hardware that allows the provisioning of firewall within an enterprise internet client’s network of any size.

It is a one-stop solution for traffic monitoring and control. This solution is also achievable via e.Stream Security as a Service, our flagship cloud-based security solution.



  • Provides identity-based network security and managed network access.
  • Host routing capabilities to act as a gateway router or deployed as a transparent device within clients network.
  • Offers full visibility and granular control into individual users activities.
  • Ensure most efficient use of your bandwidth.
  • Ensure only business critical/Applications are running on your network.


The hardware is a very powerful network and management box with the following features:

  • Bandwidth Management & Traffic Monitoring.
  • Web / Protocol / Application filtering.
  • Secure and Managed Internet Access.
  • Ensure most efficient use of your bandwidth.
  • Advanced and Flexible Firewall Policies.
  • Real-time Usage Monitoring.
  • Per-Service, Per-Protocol, Per-User Historical audit logs.
  • Anti-Malware Blocking.
  • Web and DNS Caching.
  • Deep Packet Inspection.
  • Intrusion detection.

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