Our Ka band is deployed on the Newtec MDM2210 IP Satellite Modem, this is packaged with an easy to install, high-performance Outdoor Unit (ODU). This terminal package is highly optimized for cost, efficiency and ease of use.

The ODU consists of a high quality, easy-to-install antenna, an integrated transmitter and low noise block down converter (iLNB). The 75cm antenna is completely pre mounted and does not require additional assembly work, and can be wall mounted.

Our affordable high speed satellite-based (Ka-band) internet connectivity offers high-quality data and voice services all over Nigeria. Wherever you are: on land, on water or in the sky, our Ka-band satellite connections will deliver high speed Internet access directly to your home and business without being tied to any infrastructure.

It is a high-performance satellite broadband service for Home and Business users (SOHO, SMEs and Enterprise) across the country. We have trained and experienced technical personnel in 36 states of the Federation (including FCT) well equipped to install or respond to your on-site needs.

Our Ka-band internet solution can be used in extreme areas where connectivity is always a problem.

It has found convenient applications and use cases in the following industries and more: Aviation, Broadcasting, Education, Energies and Utilities, Oil and gas, Government, Hospitality, Maritime, Enterprise communications, Military, OB Van operations. Farming, Tourism, Construction, Retail, Security Integrators / CCTV, Business Internet Continuity, Machine 2 Machine, Mining etc.

Ka band Pricelist – End User

A. One Off
RegionOne Off
Lagos and South West N150,000.00
South SouthN180,000.00
South EastN150,000.00
North CentralN150,000.00
North WestN180,000.00
North EastN180,000.00
B. Capped Service
PlanData Allowance
Downlink Speed Up To (KBPS)Uplink Speed Up To (KBPS)Monthly Recurring Fees (N)
Stream 101010240204822,800.00
Stream 202010240204828,000.00
Stream 505010240204848,000.00
Stream 10010010240204875,000.00
Stream 200200102402048115,000.00
Stream 250250102402048130,000.00
C. Corporate Service
PlanUplink Speed Up To (KBPS)Downlink Speed Up To (KBPS)MRC(N)
e.Stream Ka_Corporate 21024204830,900.00
e.Stream Ka_Corporate 42048409646,900.00
e.Stream Ka_Corporate 62048614456,900.00
e.Stream Ka_Corporate 82048819266,900.00
e.Stream Ka_Corporate 1020481024077,900.00
Terms & Conditions

i. CPEs remain e.Stream property for the duration of the service/contract

ii. All services are prepaid MONTHLY in ADVANCE

iii. All figures are VAT exclusive.

iv. Download and Upload speeds are – up to speeds

v. All plans have a validity period of 30 days

vi. All Data allowance can be rolled over, with validity period of 12months. Unused data must be re-subscribed to enable usage.

vii. Free Night (8pm to 6am) and weekend Browsing on all Service plans.

viii. For the first 50 users on CAPPED service ONLY  the following discount will apply AFTER 6 months of uninterrupted service

PlanApplicable Discount
Stream 1030%
Stream 2025%
Stream 5020%
Stream 100 10%
Stream 2005%
Stream 25010%

ix. For the first 50 users on UNCAPPED (CORPORATE) service ONLY  the following discount will apply AFTER 6 months of uninterrupted service

PlanApplicable Discount
e.Stream Ka_Corporate 240%
e.Stream Ka_Corporate 430%
e.Stream Ka_Corporate 620%
e.Stream Ka_Corporate 815%
e.Stream Ka_Corporate 1010%