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Choosing a reliable broadband Internet is becoming a great expense for individuals, SMEs and Large Organization because of the Lack of experience in making the right choice.

While different Broadband Companies boast of their strengths in different areas, it is very important you learn how to choose a reliable broadband service in Nigeria.

To begin, you will need an established fact of your present and future organizational or personal technology/Internet needs. Questions like how many PCs do you have and need in future; What type of service do you offer your customers; What is the minimum bandwidth size of internet data cap will you need for your business needs; etc, must be the first questions to be asked from your own end before making enquiries about which internet service provider to choose for reliable fast internet.

This article introduces the most important factors to consider when trying to select a Broadband service in Nigeria.


Personal or Business?

It is no news that Broadband Companies in Nigeria offer different types of services to these two basic category of users in the country i.e Individual users and Business Users. Business users usually demand a dedicated internet bandwidth for fast Internet connectivity and optimal business solution while the individual users mostly uses a capped internet connectivity with shared internet Speed. If you fall under Business Category of users, it is important you know the type of service or products your ISP offers, if they cater for your needs. It will be very disastrous for a Multinational business company to use a capped internet data with lower speed for Internet purpose.

Upload and Download Speed.

Most times ISP companies design internet connectivity solution with High download speed and low Upload Speed for individual or personal users.

In our local environment, we all are used to the word ‘download’ speed with little or no recognition to ‘upload’ speed. Just as the earlier is important, the later is also very important depending on what personal or business needs it is used for. For instance if you do a business whereby heavy files needs to be sent or uploaded via the internet. Then it is incumbent upon you or organization to consider the upload speed just as you consider the download speed.

Cost of Service.

One of the major factors every individual and business is quick to consider is the cost associated with the service provided by the broadband company. Most business package comes with an installation cost and cost of internet service provided, A router, cable, Pole, etc might also be purchased separately by you or your organization depending on the requirement needed for the job. if you use internet service for personal use, then buying a sim card, MiFi, CPE, etc is just about everything you need apart from your PC, Smart Device, etc

Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Most of broadband companies will boast of 99.9% up-time. You knowing that they can’t really achieve this, it is very important that a well-structured S.L.A is created to protect both parties from unnecessary loss. The S.L.A mostly applies to Business Users only while Return/Refund Policy can be for those who use it for private uses which allows users to test it speed capability and other features for a particular period of time before final purchase or return.

Coverage Area.

This is a priority feature to consider if you are a personal/Private user that carries your mobile internet device anywhere. Be sure that they have a larger coverage around where you spend most of your time. For Business Enterprise users, you might also put this into consideration but not as much as you will if you were a personal user. A prequalification survey is usually done before installation takes place, so if the connection is achievable via either a Fibre-Optic, VSAT or radio, it is stated and if otherwise, source for another that can give you a strong Link.


This factors stated might be so complex if you do not have the required technical skill set and experience to do it. You can kindly get in touch with us for our top notch broadband service.

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