Gone are the days when companies looking to connect their geographically different sites make use of Frame Relay circuit technology or leased dedicated lines very much dependent on a particular layer of OSI model.

eStream Networks MPLS technology eliminates this dependency by assigning labels to data packets that aid their routing from one network to another via short path labels as compared to using long network addresses, significantly having a positive impact on speed.

Our MPLS is scalable and protocol-independent. Also, our VPN solution is based on the MPLS technology which enables you to take advantage of cost benefits of a shared network infrastructure without compromising quality.

Metro VPN

Over the past few years, we have built a fully redundant metro-Ethernet ring in major cities across Nigeria. Our metro-Network is a combination of wireless Radio and fiber from our multiple POPs located in strategic areas within a city. These POPs are fully connected together which enables us to provide reliable IP/MPLS connectivity at any capacity between office within a city or a geographic region.

National VPN

Our dedicated Private Leased Circuit (PLC) is built on multiple Fiber backbone using SDH/ SONET technology. This technology enables clients to automatically switch traffic between the multiple fiber paths that interconnects our various POPs without any loss in data transmission. Improve and increase your company productivity by connecting your multiple branches or locations to head offices or to other branches on our dependable and robust fully meshed IP/MPLS backbone platform thereby making it easy for branches to communicate with each other and head office. This solution can also be provided using our VSAT technology which delivers a reliable and secure VPN connection between branches all over Nigeria and their head office

International VPN

A managed network solution delivered through our International Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) platform providing worldwide network coverage allowing businesses to remotely collaborate with their branches or partners anywhere in the world with confidence that customer data is always secure. We provide businesses the opportunity to operate a secure point-to-point connectivity for mission-critical applications across global offices (regardless of geographical boarders) on one single VLAN with coverage across 5 continents. Traffic for voice, video and critical applications can be prioritized, allowing constant access to information when needed. This service ensures greater network speeds through reduced latencies, efficient data transmission and traffic prioritization

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