Education also helps student’s growth in developing various skills while imparting knowledge, nurturing self-confidence and monitoring students’ progress. In order to get the desired result, School Managing Solution has become an essential tool in today’s institution.

Managing routine work manually has always been a daunting task for any school management team. Due to apparent lack of technology, administrators and other stakeholders have series of difficultly in achieving their designated goals as regards managing the school resources for student development.

As a result, the institute begins to lag behind other well establish institutes, causing them to lose the main objective of impacting education for developmental growth.

Success in daily tasks is highly demanded among emerging education system, and to achieve this level of accountability, schools require a robust and comprehensive school management software which can automate the operations of any institutions. It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of daily institutional operations.

Our proposed eTutor platform is made of the following modules:

  • Student record/database: This allows the institution to keep an updated digital copy of all students’ database for ease of reference and administration.
  • Student attendance: This enables the class teachers to take attendance of students in the class or those registered for a particular subject/course.
  • Fee Collection: This module involves generation of student registration PIN which can be linked to the school’s bank account for effective online registration and fee collection.

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  • E-Library: Study materials such as textbooks and quizzes can be digitalized, combined with well tutored video materials on core subject matters and consolidated into an electronic-Library which is accessible to students on campus and off campus.
  • Online Examination: Apart from relieving the institution of the stress associated with conducting examinations free of malpractices, this module also prepare the students for the emerging Computer-Based technologies associated with qualifying exams such as those conducted by JAMB, WAEC and NECO.
  • Student Performance / Grading: This module enables automatic scoring of examinations, student grading and performance analysis as may be scheduled by the administrator.
  • Assignment and quizzes: Assignments can be allocated to students who submit their responses via the platform for grading. All results are in digital forms thereby elimination the traditional errors associated with paper works.

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  • Parents can effectively monitor students’ progress and performance.
  • Effectively schedule examination, instantaneous grading and keeping of grade records.
  • Ease of administration through a well-kept and secured student’s record.
  • Effective fee collection and reconciliation.
  • Class sessions can be replayed to ensure clarity of specific topics and concepts.
  • Teachers can identify most difficult subject and/or topics, prepare supplementary study material and share same with all students at once.
  • Attendance, grading and performance can be done at the click of a button.
  • Total elimination of paper works.
  • Internet connectivity across the campus
  • SMS Server.
  • VPN connectivity to eStream core.
  • Cloud storage for platform backup.
  • Onsite IT administrator.
  • LMS module.
  • Plugins for all other related tasks.
  • Payment PIN Generation Platform (3PG)
  • Support team.
  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • MPLS to connect multiple branches
  • Access to Interswitch
  • Penetration test & Vulnerability Assessments.
  • Update Server and Patch Management
  • Incident Management tool
  • IP PBX
  • Email Outsourcing and Intranet Development

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