Cellular technologies are built with regard to the possibility of offering a SIM technology that is accessible universally. e.MCloud meets the increasing demands of users while simultaneously reducing their capital expenses. e.MCloud allows our clients to access multiple and diverse networks on the same device.

The new technology is meant to address the inconveniences of swapping multiple cards and devices when a customer wishes to use a different Mobile Network Operators-MNOs. The vSIM solution will offer several advantages to the customers, they will get the chance of getting the services of distinct service providers without necessarily purchasing new SIMs.

Benefits of vSIM Technology

The option of choosing between multiple service providers is the main benefit of the vSIM technology. Customers gain access to all the available connections regardless of the network they choose. In addition, customers can choose the optimum network based on the one that has the best signal.

The introduction of vSIM cards will eradicate the experience having to wait in line when travelling in foreign countries to get a local SIM card; by narrowing it down to a single click to activate the network in the new country. Other than reducing the time needed to get connected, the vSIM will also reduce the roaming charges associated with international travel.

The new vSIM card technology will allow customers easily switch the carriers and choose the one that best meets their current needs. Corporate clients will enjoy the cost savings since they would not have to buy extra handsets.

The vSIM technology will support LTE- a wireless technology that supports high communication speeds in mobile phones. It will also support GSM which are tasked with voice and cellular connections. The compatibility with these technologies will improve the network quality as well as the speed for the end users.

The flagship 4G/LTE CC1 Mi-Fi device ensures that you are constantly connected thanks to its ground-breaking vSIM technology. Get access to mobile data across all the major networks in over 100 countries with our easy to purchase data bundles

  • Size: L 117 x W 63.8 x D 20.9mm
  • Weight: 224g (net)
  • Battery Capacity: 6,000mAh
  • Display Size: 3.5” LCD
  • Wi-Fi IEEE: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Max Download Speed: 150mbps (4G)
  • Max Upload Speed: 50mbps (4G)
  • Supports service on MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile, nTEL, Spectranet, Smile.