eGate Solution – Our Firewall Service
05 Feb

Today, Most Enterprise Internets are faced with slowness which create a low level of reliability that oftentimes impact on business operations.

For example
 Company XYZ buys a 6 MBPS internet bandwidth from ISP ABC
 XYZ has a total of 50 users but about 10 concurrent users.
 XYZ experiences a persistent slowness of the internet and escalates same to ABC.
 ABC checks the usage graph and inform XYZ of over-utilizing their bandwidth.
 Frustrated at the fact that only 3 users are connected at the time of the incident, XYZ’s System/network administrator finds out that the 3 users are actually killing the bandwidth by watching online movies for long hours. He then resolve to looking for a measure to monitor web activities and control usage…….

It is a known fact that even only 2 users can over utilize a 100 MBPS bandwidth. Hence organizations must have measures in place to have a view of each users web activities, throughput and be able to control same. Such measures have proven expensive especially in recent times.
The good news : eStream Networks Ltd, with her talented local and foreign experts and partners, have recently released a product called e-Gate into the IT/Technology market.

Who can use it?
The CE version of the e-Gate product is designed for all enterprise of any sector using internet as a tool of trade.

How it works?
e-Gate is a network device that looks like the conventional network switch. It can be configured in routing or switching mode( transparent mode). So it sits on your LAN and all your internet traffic is configured to pass through this device.
The Network OS on the device has the intelligence to carefully read each packet and do something called Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). This allows it to display all web activities, URL, Local IP address visiting that URL, amount of bandwidth being consumed by that user, etc in a graphical and tabular form.

An administrator can instruct the Network OS running on the e-Gate to block web activities by either using the URL (eg. or category blocking (eg. social media). The e-Gate then blocks web activities thereby conserving bandwidth for official tasks alone. This is one of the numerous methods the e-Gate uses in blocking web activities.

Secondly, the e-Gate has the capability to throttle each user to a particular bandwidth. For example, the administrator can configure each user not to exceed 512 kbps. This allows for equal bandwidth usage by all users. If only the users will open one or two tabs at a time, 512 kbps will be enough !!!.

Thirdly, there is a feature in this device called CAPTIVE PORTAL. This is particularly handful for wireless users as it takes the security of the network beyond WiFi-password which in most cases the janitors even have. Captive portal ensures that even if you have the WiFi password, you are still required to authenticate into the network using vouchers which can be expired. This is a common scenario in most campus network and hotels around the world.
More so, this e-Gate device function as a firewall device and compete with the industry firewall devices like the Cisco ASA, Sophos etc. One edge it has over all other competing product and devices is that it is cheap to deploy and maintain. Plus the MRC/QRC/ARC is about 40% of the competing products/devices.

Tired of your slow internet speed? why not try out the e-Gate today?
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What is Machine to Machine (M2M)?
22 Jan

Machine to Machine (M2M) refers to a wireless or wired network setup that allows devices of the same type and ability to communicate freely.

This type of system can be used in a variety of ways and has advanced over the last few decades with the creation of global Internet and IP network systems, facilitating enhanced and efficient communications over long distances and between large numbers of devices.

M2M technologies typically use sensors to capture data that is fed through networks, providing critical input to various types of machines that perform different tasks.
Although a broad term, M2M usually refers to the use of these distributed systems to control industrial or manufacturing equipment. One such system is telemetry, which uses radio waves to facilitate this type of communication between devices.

Those discussing the history of M2M systems may point to the evolution of new smart meter utility systems, automotive technologies and the integration of more intelligent networking systems with a broader variety of machines and appliances. The emergence of new models, like Web-distributed software, is also helping M2M technologies evolve and gain ground within manufacturing and industrial industries.

By adding our M2M technology to your business, we are giving you the power to streamline workflow and enable machines communicate with each other and transform into a system of networks that transmits data for a quicker, easier, cost-effective and resilient network connectivity while using less power to ATM, POS Terminals, and Surveillance devices etc. It is a secure and reliable low bandwidth solution suitable for the financial sector, retail and SOHOs. Now you can gain great control of your business so you know what’s happening where and when.
Kindly forward a mail to or, or call 090-874-757-52 for more information on how we can assist your business with our M2M solution.

24 May

Choosing a reliable broadband Internet is becoming a great expense for individuals, SMEs and Large Organization because of the Lack of experience in making the right choice.

While different Broadband Companies boast of their strengths in different areas, it is very important you learn how to choose a reliable broadband service in Nigeria.

To begin, you will need an established fact of your present and future organizational or personal technology/Internet needs. Questions like how many PCs do you have and need in future; What type of service do you offer your customers; What is the minimum bandwidth size of internet data cap will you need for your business needs; etc, must be the first questions to be asked from your own end before making enquiries about which internet service provider to choose for reliable fast internet.

This article introduces the most important factors to consider when trying to select a Broadband service in Nigeria.


Personal or Business?

It is no news that Broadband Companies in Nigeria offer different types of services to these two basic category of users in the country i.e Individual users and Business Users. Business users usually demand a dedicated internet bandwidth for fast Internet connectivity and optimal business solution while the individual users mostly uses a capped internet connectivity with shared internet Speed. If you fall under Business Category of users, it is important you know the type of service or products your ISP offers, if they cater for your needs. It will be very disastrous for a Multinational business company to use a capped internet data with lower speed for Internet purpose.

Upload and Download Speed.

Most times ISP companies design internet connectivity solution with High download speed and low Upload Speed for individual or personal users.

In our local environment, we all are used to the word ‘download’ speed with little or no recognition to ‘upload’ speed. Just as the earlier is important, the later is also very important depending on what personal or business needs it is used for. For instance if you do a business whereby heavy files needs to be sent or uploaded via the internet. Then it is incumbent upon you or organization to consider the upload speed just as you consider the download speed.

Cost of Service.

One of the major factors every individual and business is quick to consider is the cost associated with the service provided by the broadband company. Most business package comes with an installation cost and cost of internet service provided, A router, cable, Pole, etc might also be purchased separately by you or your organization depending on the requirement needed for the job. if you use internet service for personal use, then buying a sim card, MiFi, CPE, etc is just about everything you need apart from your PC, Smart Device, etc

Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Most of broadband companies will boast of 99.9% up-time. You knowing that they can’t really achieve this, it is very important that a well-structured S.L.A is created to protect both parties from unnecessary loss. The S.L.A mostly applies to Business Users only while Return/Refund Policy can be for those who use it for private uses which allows users to test it speed capability and other features for a particular period of time before final purchase or return.

Coverage Area.

This is a priority feature to consider if you are a personal/Private user that carries your mobile internet device anywhere. Be sure that they have a larger coverage around where you spend most of your time. For Business Enterprise users, you might also put this into consideration but not as much as you will if you were a personal user. A prequalification survey is usually done before installation takes place, so if the connection is achievable via either a Fibre-Optic, VSAT or radio, it is stated and if otherwise, source for another that can give you a strong Link.


This factors stated might be so complex if you do not have the required technical skill set and experience to do it. You can kindly get in touch with us for our top notch broadband service.

You get all the above factors checked for you free with our Reliable broadband Service. All you need to do is CHOOSE US.

The Role of Technology in Business
03 May

As technology is growing at a very fast rate, businesses has begun to adapt to its uses making it one of the most important haves for business.

Technology affects almost every aspect of our lives. Take a look around you and you’ll see how technology have revolutionized our ecosystem. Credits to the Internet, virtually anything you desire can be delivered to your door in a matter of seconds, minutes, hours or days. Undeniably there has been a paradigm shift towards a universal recognition of how vital the incorporation of technology is key to a businesses’ survival.
With the era of “Big Data” and “Internet of Things” springing all over, it is important we analyze the Indispensable impact of technology on business.
The absence of the technology in communication will cause a lot of delays in business community. There are now basic business communication tools made available via the intervention of technology through various means such as the  our Broadband Services. Business communication tools such as emails, video conferencing, VOIP telephony, etc has made business to progress at a very good pace.
Technology has impacted the field of marketing techniques of every business significantly. In marketing, the impacts of technology are broad. Business communities around the world are tasked with managing more marketing options than ever before. Technology has also impacted the ability to collect and organize marketing data and analysis which are regarded as Marketing Assets and can be used for multiple purposes. This collection of data and analytics are made available in different formats and gotten through various channels such as Search engines, Social Media, Blogs, etc.
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing allows business organizations large, medium and small to migrate some of their operation to third-party servers which are accessible via Internet connection. One of the most important feature of cloud computing is it has allowed small business access to resources that would have been cost prohibitive for them in the past.
Social Impact
The world is getting smaller as Technology is beginning to link and join people from different locations together virtually via online social communities. An online Social Network such as Facebook has been able to factor Business promotion and marketing as part of their cores while considering the original purpose of linking people together easily.
Mobile Solution
Smart Phones/Gadget is “The Next Big Thing.” With so much hype about how it might be the only thing you need to do virtually anything, Technology and Internet Duo such as Google has revamped its algorithm to prioritize mobile view and speed as one of its major factor in search engine preference. Businesses can now enjoy this benefit too because major Business software companies are also factoring Mobile as part of their major markets so as to ease the affairs of Business needs.
“Technology is a Strong Wave… You either move with it or it wipes you out”. Technology has come to change the way things are done generally in different aspect of our lives. Any resistance to this change that comes with it, makes the entity irrelevant or simply too hard to handle thereby leading to its face out in no time. The impact of technology on business is so massive and can’t be limited to the above alone. They are still many that hasn’t been captured because of the precise and discreet nature of this article. This is the major reason why various Businesses can’t afford to be resistant in any way to this trend.