About e.Stream Networks

e.Stream Networks Ltd, an ISO9001 Quality Certified company is a licensed broadband communications provider dedicated to providing suitable connectivity solutions for businesses.With over a decade in the ICT sector and presence all over Nigeria, we leverage on providing a unique combination of industry experience and expertise in our service offering to all our clients across the country.

Using a variety of up-to-date technologies, we ensure that your business communication needs are achieved from a broad range of end-to-end efficient and reliable IP based (data and voice communications) services.

By partnering with our clients, we focus on their various communications requirement and invest in developing a tailored solution to meet such requirement which adds value to our clients’ growth.

Quality Policy

We at e.Stream Networks are committed to continually provide Quality Connectivity Solutions that meets customers’ requirement through the active participation of all our employees and partners.


To be the connectivity solutions provider of choice

The deployment and management of various communication services while supporting our clients to exceed their business objective.
Quality Objectives & Policy
Timely Delivery of Quality Service.
Improve Product and Process Quality.
Improve Customer Satisfaction.
Improve Profitabilty and Company Value.

Our Core Values


Why Choose Us?

Low Latency

Long/Short Distance Coverage

High Reliability

Scalable and Flexible Bandwidth

Full weather Proof

Full Support of Data, Voice and Video Traffic

Dedicated/ Asymmetric Configuration

High Reliability up to 99%

Our Partners