eGate Solution – Our Firewall Service
.05 Feb

eGate Solution – Our Firewall Service

Today, Most Enterprise Internets are faced with slowness which create a low level of reliability that oftentimes impact on business operations.

For example
 Company XYZ buys a 6 MBPS internet bandwidth from ISP ABC
 XYZ has a total of 50 users but about 10 concurrent users.
 XYZ experiences a persistent slowness of the internet and escalates same to ABC.
 ABC checks the usage graph and inform XYZ of over-utilizing their bandwidth.
 Frustrated at the fact that only 3 users are connected at the time of the incident, XYZ’s System/network administrator finds out that the 3 users are actually killing the bandwidth by watching online movies for long hours. He then resolve to looking for a measure to monitor web activities and control usage…….

It is a known fact that even only 2 users can over utilize a 100 MBPS bandwidth. Hence organizations must have measures in place to have a view of each users web activities, throughput and be able to control same. Such measures have proven expensive especially in recent times.
The good news : eStream Networks Ltd, with her talented local and foreign experts and partners, have recently released a product called e-Gate into the IT/Technology market.

Who can use it?
The CE version of the e-Gate product is designed for all enterprise of any sector using internet as a tool of trade.

How it works?
e-Gate is a network device that looks like the conventional network switch. It can be configured in routing or switching mode( transparent mode). So it sits on your LAN and all your internet traffic is configured to pass through this device.
The Network OS on the device has the intelligence to carefully read each packet and do something called Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). This allows it to display all web activities, URL, Local IP address visiting that URL, amount of bandwidth being consumed by that user, etc in a graphical and tabular form.

An administrator can instruct the Network OS running on the e-Gate to block web activities by either using the URL (eg. or category blocking (eg. social media). The e-Gate then blocks web activities thereby conserving bandwidth for official tasks alone. This is one of the numerous methods the e-Gate uses in blocking web activities.

Secondly, the e-Gate has the capability to throttle each user to a particular bandwidth. For example, the administrator can configure each user not to exceed 512 kbps. This allows for equal bandwidth usage by all users. If only the users will open one or two tabs at a time, 512 kbps will be enough !!!.

Thirdly, there is a feature in this device called CAPTIVE PORTAL. This is particularly handful for wireless users as it takes the security of the network beyond WiFi-password which in most cases the janitors even have. Captive portal ensures that even if you have the WiFi password, you are still required to authenticate into the network using vouchers which can be expired. This is a common scenario in most campus network and hotels around the world.
More so, this e-Gate device function as a firewall device and compete with the industry firewall devices like the Cisco ASA, Sophos etc. One edge it has over all other competing product and devices is that it is cheap to deploy and maintain. Plus the MRC/QRC/ARC is about 40% of the competing products/devices.

Tired of your slow internet speed? why not try out the e-Gate today?
To know more about this product:
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