What is Machine to Machine (M2M)?
.22 Jan

What is Machine to Machine (M2M)?

Machine to Machine (M2M) refers to a wireless or wired network setup that allows devices of the same type and ability to communicate freely.

This type of system can be used in a variety of ways and has advanced over the last few decades with the creation of global Internet and IP network systems, facilitating enhanced and efficient communications over long distances and between large numbers of devices.

M2M technologies typically use sensors to capture data that is fed through networks, providing critical input to various types of machines that perform different tasks.
Although a broad term, M2M usually refers to the use of these distributed systems to control industrial or manufacturing equipment. One such system is telemetry, which uses radio waves to facilitate this type of communication between devices.

Those discussing the history of M2M systems may point to the evolution of new smart meter utility systems, automotive technologies and the integration of more intelligent networking systems with a broader variety of machines and appliances. The emergence of new models, like Web-distributed software, is also helping M2M technologies evolve and gain ground within manufacturing and industrial industries.

By adding our M2M technology to your business, we are giving you the power to streamline workflow and enable machines communicate with each other and transform into a system of networks that transmits data for a quicker, easier, cost-effective and resilient network connectivity while using less power to ATM, POS Terminals, and Surveillance devices etc. It is a secure and reliable low bandwidth solution suitable for the financial sector, retail and SOHOs. Now you can gain great control of your business so you know what’s happening where and when.
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