LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a standard set for high-speed wireless communication.

Overtime, it has evolved from 1G to 2G to 3G and now we have 4G which gives subscribers and unrivalled speed. It is the 4th communication technology that delivers a very high speed.

This 4G is specially designed for SME’s and also for Small offices and Home offices (SOHO). Estream 4G LTE leverages on 2.3GHZ which means the larger the frequency, the greater its ability to support far data without interfering with other wireless signals or becoming overly clustered.

Benefits of 4G LTE

This 4G LTE is enjoyed majorly enjoyed by Home and Estates, Small Medium Enterprises and small offices/home offices because of its intensified coverage. This Estream 4G LTE is available at your convenience for all purpose with the provision of their affordable devices.

4G LTE is affordable, reliable and it is superfast. Below are some of its notable benefits;

  • No buffering i.e much better browsing quality.
  • Increased browsing capacity at mind boggling speed.
  • Clear video conferencing.
  • Easy video and audio streaming.
  • Wireless signals connectivity without interference.

eStream 4G LTE Devices


The 4G LTE eMifi is a portable device/pocket-size device which provides uninterrupted connectivity for subscribers. This mifi device can be connected to a cellular network and provides internet access for up to ten people. It also allows multiple end users and mobile devices to share broadband internet connection and create an adhoc network i.e mobile hotspot etc.



The wifi device is a wireless networking standard that various devices use to communicate without actual wires connecting them. The device can also be referred to as the customer premise equipment (CPE). The CPE can be used for both indoor and outdoor connection depending on the choice of the customer.

Price details for our 4G LTE devices and their benefits

The eMifi is a portable device which cost #20,000 and this comes with a free 30GB and also free 100GB Night browsing. This night browsing starts from 8pm to 7am which also provides added benefit for customers who work during that time frame. It also comes fully packaged with a chord and a charger.

The eWifi are of two prices which are:
  • The one of #25,000 which comes with free 30GB and also a free 100GB night browsing
  • The one of #30,000 which comes with free 50GB. This CPE device can also be used for your CCTV camera with a static IP which enables customers to monitor their home and office from their mobile phones.

The eCard comes with the eMifi and the eWifi but can also work with 4G enabled devices. It also comes with affordable tariff plans with different price range. Please note that all data bundles comes with a speed of 5Mbps/10Mbps, except the unlimited data bundle which has a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) you can demand for a speed reduction if need be, ranging from 3Mbps/2Mbps.

The outdoor CPE device is installed outdoor, typically a wireless access point, wireless bridge or wireless router. This device helps laptops and other devices that use wireless Ethernet connect to a network. This device is designed to work in all climates and has antennas that are powerful enough to distribute gigabit speeds over specific distance.
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