Between e.Stream AND Dolphin Telecoms
18 Feb

E.Stream Networks Limited, an indigenous Internet Service Provider has taken a bold step to ensure that it remains a customer-centric company by signing a partnership agreement with Dolphin Telecoms, a global carrier and operator of the Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) submarine cable system.

In a bid to further extend its global reach and trigger social and economic development, Dolphin Telecoms have partnered with e.Stream to be one of its local carriers for the distribution of fast, reliable and seamless internet connectivity.

E.Stream is a broadband communications provider dedicated to providing suitable connectivity solutions for businesses across Nigeria. With over ten years in the ICT sector and presence all over Nigeria, communications needs are achieved and sustained by the integration of different communication technologies: Radio, Fiber, 4G LTE, and VSAT.

Dolphin Telecoms ACE scheme is a transmitter-receiver communication system which has already gained full landing rights in some parts of Africa including Lagos, Gambia, Senegal, Dakar to mention a few, covering about 80% of the West African market having passed through UK, France, Portugal and the Canary Islands.

“We are committed to ensuring we contribute our quota towards achieving 30% broadband penetration in Nigeria by 2018 as forecasted by the NCC. This is why the need to increase our network capacity has become exigent” says the Networks Planning Head, e.Stream Networks- Livingstone Kalu.

This cardinal move by e.Stream tends to further broaden business opportunities for her customers in terms of connectivity, information sharing and data sharing with the rest of the world at a very affordable cost.